A single product tour is often enough to welcome and onboard your users. When dealing with more complex products it is good to remind ourselves that users are human - and we humans can absorb only a certain amount of information at the same time.

To help your users onboard to complex products, split the experience into simpler atomic parts. A Checklist is a great way to organize these atomic tours and to give the users continual gratification as they continue exploring your solution.

A Checklist is a collection of product tours that motivate users to complete items. Apart from being a collection of tours, it can also contain link items (to redirect users to additional contextually helpful content). 

To provide your users with a checklist by combining the product tours, follow these instructions:

1. Go to your account's "Checklists" and hit "Create checklists"
Once you start creating the checklist, you will immediately see the preview for it on the right. Just like when creating tours, here you can add items to the checklist - and then select the type of the item

- Tour

- Link

You can add as many tours as you like, plus links that will take to certain pages of your application or a help article - right from the checklist. 

Additionally, you can enable step completion in the checklist based on:

1- On click: Users can mark a step as completed by clicking on the checklist item.
2- On the page event: Steps can be marked as completed based on specific events or actions that occur on the page.

3- On the tour event: Steps are marked as completed when users start or finish a specific tour.
4- Immediately: Steps are marked as completed instantly.

Checklists have exactly the same targeting options as tours, plus some additional customization settings, as shown below.

1. Position - choose whether the checklist appears in the right bottom or left bottom corner of the page

Show progress - if turned off, removes the percentage progress bar from the checklist. This progress bar and percentage value indicate what % of items in the checklist that have been completed. 

Can be manually dismissed - when turned off, removes the "Dismiss" button from the checklist. The Dismiss button is different from the close button (X) in the right top corner of the checklist. 

- the "close" button collapses the open checklist. 

- the Dismiss button closes the checklist and the Usetiful button - and never shows them to the same user again. 

2. Dismiss action label - this option allows to customize the text prompts that are displayed when the Dismiss button is pressed.

Tricks and tips

  • NEW - Ability to select same window versus new tab for link items in checklist
  • Your checklist can contain tours leading to different pages. When adding a tour to the checklist, type the URL where the tour will start.
  • To automatically play unfinished tour on user's next visit, enable the autoplay option in all tours (to ensure they all have the same priority at the beginning). That way, if there is one incomplete tour in the checklist, it has the highest priority and will run automatically.