Usetiful can look & behave like an integral part of your software product thanks to flexibility to customize its theme. Your customers will not be confused by bad user experience.

You can customize existing or create a new theme from the Themes section available for Usetiful Plus and Premium users from the top navigation.

List of themes

Our theme editor provides a comprehensive solution for rebranding all parts of the tours, smart tips, and checklists. You can quickly change the main colors, fonts, and position of the Usetiful button or apply custom CSS.

On the right side of the screen, you can see a preview of Usetiful tools with your customized theme (and to switch among previews).

Once the theme is created, simply assign it to a tour or smart tips group in the settings section.

Assign theme to a tour

Customize themes per space (Available for Enterprise users)

Usetiful allows you to customize themes per space. When a theme is created, it is automatically assigned to the space in which it is created. 

In case you need to assign the theme to additional spaces, the Global Administrator has the ability to do so using the Settings button.

Please note that if a Theme is unassigned from a space, Usetiful checks whether there is any content (Tours, Smart Tips, Checklists, Assistants) in that space linked to the theme. If there is content linked to the theme, Usetiful will switch this content to the "default" theme.