Share your tour in conversations with customers, in your help articles or emails.

You can share your Product Tours in many channels to help you users understand the product and adopt your features. For example, you can:

  • Link your product tours from your user guide articles, providing a hands-on example of described topic
  • Drive adoption by sharing a product tour in the chats and conversations with your customer
  • Improve conversion of your email by using the product tour as email's Call To Action

How to:

  1. Create and publish your tour
  2. In the list of tours, click on the three dots (...) at the right side
  3. Choose Share tour
  4. Type the URL where Usetiful product tour should appear and click Get Sharing Link

        5. You can personalize your tour content by using Tags, and clicking on the Personalize Tour Content

        6. Usetiful automatically generates URL that you can share with your users.

       7. Copy this generated URL into your email, help article or conversation with your user.

Please note: When user enters the page using the sharing link, the tour will show automatically regardless of its targeting or launch settings. Only published tour will show up.