When installing Usetiful, it is possible to install the capability to provide personalized messages to your customers.

Add the following script before the main Usetiful script:

window.usetifulTags = {
tagName: "tagvalue",
tagNameAnother: "tagvalueanother"

Usetiful will enable you to personalize the content by using tag value as a variable inside of your content. To do so, simply refer to the value as {tagName} inside of the content editor.


Examples of tags and their usage:

Tag nameExample of usage
FirstName"Hello {firstName}, welcome to our product!"
CartValue"You have {CartValue} products in your cart. Go to checkout."
SiteName"Thank you for visiting {SiteName}. Have fun here!"

Please note:

  • The tags provided are shared with the Usetiful server for reporting purposes. Please refrain from sharing personal identifiable information without prior agreement with the Usetiful team.
  • Tag names and tag values must be of data type string - for example "abcd", "abcd123" or "123".

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