User Onboarding is the process of guiding users to find value in a product. This process is an essential part of digital adoption because of its role in making the most of the initial experience. When users interact with a product for the first time, it is make-or-break time because this is when software loses most consumers. 

User Onboarding consists of:

  • The initial experience

  • Training, product tours, or product walkthroughs

  • Acclimatization

The last goal is for the user to achieve the Aha moment. 

User onboarding is far more than simply showing users how to use a product. To achieve good user acquisition, developers need to show users why they should use a product and provide them with the guidance necessary to find value.

Consumers have become used to excellent user onboarding. So, to compete in a crowded marketplace, products need to achieve specific onboarding goals, including:

  • Teaching users to use a product

  • Making them feel valued and welcome

  • Have a dynamic approach to the learning curve within the new software