User Experience (UX) refers to how the user feels as they use a product. It can cover a wide range of different aspects, like:

  • How easy the product is to use

  • How easily the user can work their way around the product

  • How easy it is to find specific features

  • How valuable is the displayed content

User Experience covers a lot of ground for the consumer. It looks at how well they can perform their tasks within the application. Again, it removes the focus from the design team and concerns itself with how the user interacts with the product.

The fundamental design principles of UX strive to make the consumer's experience productive and enjoyable. This process comes down to understanding the problem the product solves. And then making sure the user knows.

Good UX looks to eliminate any friction that impedes adoption. Some qualities of a UX that promotes digital adoption are:

  • Clear wording

  • A straightforward journey to discovering the features of the product

  • Making a product accessible to users with physical impediments

  • Easy use for first-time users

  • Simple navigation around the product