User Flow refers to a flow chart or diagram that maps the steps a user takes as they navigate a product. Specifically, this term is usually related to a task. 

User flow tracks the users from their entry point into the application all the way to their desired goals. For example, a user flow for Instagram might be concerned with how to post a photo. Therefore, the basic flow would be something like: 

  1. Taking pictures with the app or uploading a photo

  2. Adding a caption

  3. Then tapping share

User flow is all about creating the most intuitive and frictionless user experience. By visualizing it as a chart or diagram, developers can make sure the process is as simple as possible. Additionally, user flow charts ensure that helpful information is presented when users need it.

User flows are essential for several reasons. They can:

  • Speed development

  • Help communicate the product to stakeholders

  • Ensure the product design is focused around the user