A User Experience designer or UX designer plays an essential role within a customer-focused business. Although the position is interpreted differently by specific organizations, a UX designer's primary aim is to make consumers satisfied with a product.

UX designers look to constantly improve the user experience by making it, for example:

  • Easier to navigate

  • More intuitive

  • Cleaner

  • Faster

  • More fun

In effect, alongside the Digital Product Manager, a UX designer is the customer's advocate inside the development process. They must always consider how design elements and layouts affect a user's relationship with a product. To achieve this, designers must develop a deep understanding of the customer. 

Additionally, software UX designers must think about aspects of design beyond the graphical look and navigational feel. Other considerations they can make are:

  • How easy it is to purchase the process

  • Are patches or product updates automatic or manual

  • How easy it is to explain the product to others

UX designers need to consider all interactions that users have with the product.