In this article we will discuss how to segment users based on any custom attribute of a group of users - and show specific tours to specific groups of users. 

This technique allows to segment users by location, language, subscription plan, or any other custom attribute. 

For this article we will use an example - we want to segment users by location. 

Add the following script before the main Usetiful script:

window.usetifulTags = {
tagName: "tagvalue",
tagNameAnother: "tagvalueanother"

Usetiful will enable you to target the content based on values in these tags. Targeting can be set up using the condition "Tag is" in the page targeting. Find out more here.

A single user can have none, one or multiple tags assigned.

Examples of tags and their values:

Tag nameTag value examples
languageen, es, sk
statusvisitor, loggedin
roleadmin, manager, user
orderstatusnopurchase, ordered

Please note that tag names and tag values must be of data type string - for example "abcd", "abcd123" or "123".

Did you know that you can personalize messages to your users using tags? Find out more here!