The following functions allow you to manipulate your published Usetiful checklists using JavaScript. They are available on all pages where the Usetiful script is installed.


  • This function allows you to start any published checklist according to the given checklist id. Checklist's id can be found in the editor URL (e.g. the function was called correctly, the checklist will display immediately on the current page regardless its targeting.
  • window.USETIFUL.checklist.start("01FTGJSQZQD5M0QQ34QTYE1276");


  • This function permanently closes the currently displayed checklist (dismiss action). But it can be restarted using the start function.

window.USETIFUL.checklist.done([numbersOfItems], checklistId)

  • This function marks the given items as completed in the checklist. If the checklist Id isn't defined, it will mark as completed items in the currently displayed checklist. If the checklist item opens a tour, this function marks that tour as completed as well. See the following examples:
  • window.USETIFUL.checklist.done([1]);

    This example will mark as completed the first checklist item in the currently displayed checklist.

  • window.USETIFUL.checklist.done([1,2], "01FTGJSQZQD5M0QQ34QTYE1276");

    The previous command will mark as completed the first 2 items in the checklist of the given id.