When creating a smart tip Usetiful offers the option to enable the hotspot beacon - a blue pulsating dot that invites your users' attention to discover more information about an element on the page - with the help of the smart tip. 

The smart tip hotspot beacon now features three different views

- pulsating dot

- NEW: question mark

- NEW: info icon

To select the smart tip hotspot beacon view, we have added an option in every smart tip settings called "Icon" - it will only be available when the beacon is enabled on the smart tip. 

To change the color of the pulsating point, follow the instructions below

- create a theme in the Themes section of your account

- scroll down the lift-side menu in the theme editor and open the Custom CSS section

- in the Custom CSS window paste the following code, replacing the color code with the desired one, and save the theme

- apply the theme on the smart tips group

Note: the smart tip beacon will always inherit the color scheme from a tour that is targeted to the same page

.#{classNamePrefix}-beacon {
color: #008B8B;