In this article you will learn how to create a tour sharing URL - which when opened will start a specific tour.
You will also learn how to create a URL that will take your user to a desired page and start a specific tour from a specific step. 

Let us consider this URL

You can see that this URL consists of a few parts

showProdutTour=12884 means that tour with ID 12884 will open when the link is opened by the user

productTourStep=2 means that the third step of the tour will be shown (step count starts from 0 - in order to start the tour from the beginning simply omit the step specifier, like

To find the tour ID, open the tour in the tour editor and look at the URL

The number at the end of the URL is the tour ID. 

P.S. when editing or creating a new tour sharing URL, make sure that the ? and & symbols are in their proper respective places. These are key components of the sharing URL, and if omitted, the tour will not start.