What is an assistant?

Assistant is a widget for your users enabling them to get help in a very simple way. Usetiful content mainly is available in the first days of the user's journey but with assistant whenever users need help, they can find it in a non-intrusive way and without leaving the page.

Assistant contains resources such as:

- Help articles (Existing articles can be added - New articles can be created directly in the Assistant editors)
- Links

- Products tours

How to create assistant?

After login into your Usetiful account click on the Assistant button on the overview page then click on create assistant.

Adding resources is done via the "Add resource" button, where you can select a type of resource.

Setting up settings for assistant

Page targeting: Defines conditions for pages where the assistant should be available on. Learn more in the following article.

Show Usetiful button: You can set Usetiful button for the assistant to whether the assistant can be accessed via button on the right or left bottom corner. You can also define the name of the button.

*Please note that Assistant is shown only when there is no tour in progress, no auto-played tour, or a non-dismissed Checklist on the same page.

How to distinguish cloned assistants?

Assistant name is a visible part for editors.

Assistant visible title is visible in the header of selected assistant (for end-users).

According to the filled fields above the assistant will look like in the picture below.

The Assistant list with differentiated names can look like the following picture.