Usetiful enables companies to engage their customers by creating interactive and engaging user guides, tutorials and input materials. However, it also allows businesses to easily host information that can be shared via a virtual assistant, giving customers quick and easy access to solutions to common problems or answers to frequently asked questions.

To start storing articles in Usetiful, go to the Content > Knowledge Base section. You can organize your articles in folders that may group related information.

Creating articles is easy thanks to the WYSIWYG editor, which makes it easy to insert multimedia content such as images and videos.

Sharing articles within Assistant

The cells can be in 2 states. Drafts are not visible to customers and indicate articles in progress. Published articles can be found using the Assistant or directly promoted as an item that customers see when they view the Assistant.

Sharing articles within Knowledge Base portal 

Once an article is published, it can also be viewed and found on the knowledge base portal, which provides all the information in one place.