The Portal allows you to share and customize help articles for users with easy configuration options and the ability to integrate both internal knowledge base articles and external links, this way your portal becomes a personalized and comprehensive resource center. Here's a brief overview,

1- After logging into your Usetiful account, click on the "Portal" button on the Overview page. 

2- Click on "Configure Portal".

3- In the Portal settings, you have the option to personalize your portal according to your preferences. You can define a name and URL for portal, upload a favicon, logo, and header background to enhance its visual identity. Additionally, you can take full control of the portal's appearance by customizing colors and fonts to create a unique user experience.

4- To add articles to your portal, simply create them within the Knowledge base section. Any articles generated in this section will be integrated into your portal. Additionally, to categorize the articles, you'll need to create a folder.

5- You have the option to add external links to the portal, this way you can expand the range of resources and information accessible to users.

Additionally, here is a quick video demonstrating the Knowledge base portal,