The Localization module empowers you to translate content both within and outside of Usetiful. It comprises an intuitive administration interface for efficient translation management and an API that provides access to translated terms from the system.

Localizations are available in the Premium plan or higher.


Within the Localization module, the initial screen presents a list of languages added to your space.

Adding a new language to the system is a straightforward process. Simply navigate to the 'Add language' button and select your desired language from the dropdown menu. Once added, you can easily access the 'Edit' button to view and manage all terms available for translation into the newly added language.

Terms and translations

Each language contains terms and translations. It's important to note that all languages share identical terms but different translations.

On the language detail page, you can specify translations for the selected language. To streamline this process, you have the option to set a Reference language, which will be displayed in the left column. This allows you to conveniently compare translations between the Reference language (e.g., English) and the selected language (e.g., German).

How to translate tours

To effortlessly incorporate all your tour content into the Localization module, navigate to the tour settings and activate the settings in the 'Localization' section. Then, choose the language currently used in the tour. Upon saving, the system automatically generates unique terms for each segment of the content and populates the selected language with corresponding translations.

However, it's crucial to note that whenever you modify and save the language in the tour settings, the current tour content will overwrite existing translations in the selected language, while erasing all previous translations in other languages. Exercise caution when making language adjustments to avoid unintended data loss.


Consequently, you can view the content in the chosen language along with untranslated terms in other languages.

After completing the translations, Usetiful will display the translated content to your end users based on the 'lang' attribute within the HTML tag.

Import/Export terms 

To streamline the translation process without individually translating each term via the Usetiful administration, you have the option to export all terms in CSV, JSON, or XLIFF formats. Once translated, simply import the file back into the selected language using the 'Import' button.