Introducing Usetiful for Chrome, a browser extension that enables you to preview all your Usetiful product tours on any site without touching the code. Usetiful for Chrome also supports Microsoft Edge! This means you can use our Chrome extension on both Chrome and Edge browsers. Just follow the steps below to preview your product tours:

Install the plugin and preview your tour

1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store and install the Usetiful: Product Tours extension.

(Note: Usetiful: Product Tours browser extension works with Chrome browser only)

2. When the plugin is successfully installed, the Usetiful icon will appear in the browser top bar with the following message.

3. Click on the Usetiful icon and log in using your Usetiful credentials. If you are currently logged in to Usetiful, the plugin will connect to your account automatically.

Here is how it looks when signed in

4. Go to the page where you want to preview your tour. The bottom panel indicates whether the selected tour is available.

(Note: Only tours that are allowed to be shown on given page will be offered - see Page Targeting.)

If the tour is available, you can immediately preview it clicking on the Start preview button. Otherwise, update the Page Targeting to make the tour available (click on the Edit button go to the tour editor). 

Once the tour preview is running, the panel contains actions to Stop and Restart the tour.

5. When you update the content of your tour and save, the changes will be automatically reflected in the preview. Just refresh the page!

Microsoft Edge Supports Usetiful Chrome Extention

You can use Usetiful for Chrome extension on Microsoft Edge to preview all your Usetiful content. Here's how you can get started:

1- In Microsoft Edge, go to the Chrome Web Store.

2- Select Allow extensions from other stores in the banner at the top of the page, then select Allow to confirm.

3- Select the Usetiful extension and select Add.

If you encounter any issues while previewing your product tour, please feel free to contact us.