You have integrated Usetiful to your page, created a new tour, but no content is showing. What are the most common issues to check?

Issues with content and settings

1. The content is not published and therefore not showing to end-users

In this case, click on the 'Publish' button to make your content available to end-users.

2. The page is excluded by targeting, now allowing to show the content on given page

3. The tour is waiting for user action, such as clicking on Usetiful button or any Trigger set up on the first step

4. The tour shows to each user only once and you have already seen it 

In such a case, test in Incognito Mode of your browser.

Issues with integration

1. Check if the Usetiful script is added to your page. 

Open the page inspector and search for 'usetiful.js' in elements. If not found, try to embed the Usetiful script again.

2. Check browser's local storage

Does key "tours" load? If not, Usetiful script is not running or not able to reach to Usetiful server

3. Check Console for errors 

Conflict with other tools or with your page's security policy will be often represented here by Errors

4. Check network for errors 

Sometimes there can be problem with loading external sources including Usetiful data (usetiful.js, data.json). If something isn't loaded correctly (highlighted with red color), refresh the page. If the problem remains, contact your administrator or our customer support.