Banners have become an important tool for delivering announcements within applications. This article will guide you through the steps to configure a banner, 

1- After logging into your Usetiful account, click on the "Banners" button on the Overview page. 

2- Click on Create Banner.

3- Choose whether you want the banner to show on top or bottom of your page.

4- Specify whether the announcement should appear on the left or right side.

5- You can include buttons like "Close", "Open Tour" or "Open URL."

6- You have the option to enable "Display as cross" on the close button to change it to a cross (X). This way you can customize the appearance of the close button.

7- By clicking on the Settings:

  • You can limit where your banner will be showing (more info in Page Targeting).
  • Show to each user just once - decide whether the banner will be displayed everytime, or only once for a given user.
  • Do you have your own layout Theme? Simply assign it to your banner.