In today’s dynamic digital landscape, creating personalized and seamless user experiences is paramount for businesses seeking to build strong relationships with their customers. Integrating Usetiful with Mailchimp can be a game-changer. This integration allows you to harness user behavior insights from Usetiful and seamlessly feed them into targeted marketing campaigns through Mailchimp. By doing so, you can follow up with custom campaigns that engage your users at just the right moment, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving conversions.


Usetiful is a robust digital adoption platform that helps businesses guide their users through product features with interactive walkthroughs, tooltips, and checklists. By capturing user behavior and engagement metrics, Usetiful provides valuable insights into how users interact with your product, pinpointing areas of success and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Mailchimp, on the other hand, is a leading email marketing service known for its powerful tools that help businesses manage their email campaigns, automate marketing efforts, and create personalized communication strategies. With Mailchimp, you can reach your audience with tailored messages that resonate, increasing the likelihood of conversion and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Zapier and Make are powerful automation platforms that bridge the gap between various applications and services, allowing them to work together seamlessly.

Before you start

Set up your goal

Before diving into the integration of Usetiful with Mailchimp, it’s crucial to identify your goals for syncing data between these platforms. Understanding what you aim to achieve will help you leverage the integration effectively and maximize its benefits. Here are some common objectives that our customers pursue:

  1. Sync Contacts from Usetiful to Mailchimp for Targeted Campaigns

    • Objective: Automatically transfer user data from Usetiful to Mailchimp to create and manage targeted email campaigns.
    • Benefit: By syncing contacts, you can ensure that your marketing list in Mailchimp is always up-to-date with the latest user information from Usetiful. This enables you to send personalized messages and promotions to users who are actively engaging with your product.
  2. Label Contacts in Mailchimp Based on Interaction with Usetiful

    • Objective: Use data from Usetiful to tag or label contacts in Mailchimp, reflecting their interactions and progress within your product.
    • Benefit: This allows you to segment your audience based on their onboarding status or engagement level. For example, you can identify users who have completed onboarding and those who haven't, and send targeted emails to encourage them to continue their journey.
  3. Send Product Updates and Announcements

    • Objective: Keep your users informed about the latest product updates and features by syncing user data to Mailchimp for sending newsletters and announcements.
    • Benefit: Ensure that your most engaged users receive timely updates about new features or changes in your product, helping to maintain high levels of user engagement and satisfaction.

Configuring Usetiful

To effectively integrate Usetiful with other platforms like Mailchimp, you first need to configure Usetiful to collect and utilize user data. Here’s how you can set up Usetiful for optimal data collection and integration:

Collecting User Information

  1. Enable User ID Collection:

    • Step: Go to the Privacy settings in Usetiful and enable the collection of User IDs.
    • Purpose: This feature allows Usetiful to gather detailed information about each user, which is crucial for creating personalized user profiles and tracking their activity.
  2. Define User ID as a Tag:

    • Step: Add a UserId as a tag. Important: UserId should be email address of a user.
    • Purpose: Tagging with UserId enables Usetiful to create a unique profile for each user, segment them based on their activity, and monitor their progress through your product. Mailchimp uses emails as unique identified of a contact.
  3. By configuring these settings, Usetiful can begin collecting user data, monitoring their engagement, and categorizing them for personalized interactions. Users on the Premium plan or higher will have access to a profile page for each user, offering a comprehensive view of individual activities and interactions.

Connecting Usetiful and Mailchimp via Automation Platform

In our example, we will set up a system to create a new contact in Mailchimp whenever Usetiful identifies a new user. Since Mailchimp does not support adding contacts directly via webhooks, we will use Zapier as an intermediary to facilitate this process.

Creating new contacts in Mailchimp via Webhooks

You must set up webhooks to automate user data flow from Usetiful to Mailchimp. Follow these steps to create and configure the automation:

  1. Create a Webhook

    • In your automation platform, create a webhook that will act as a trigger for automation flows.

      You can test the webhook by accessing the page where the Usetiful script is installed with the userId tag set.

  2. Configure a Webhook in Usetiful

    • Navigate to Admin > Developers > Webhooks in Usetiful.
    • Create a new webhook and fill in the webhook URL you created in Zapier or Make.
    • Select events that will trigger calling the webhook. In this case, we will select the "user_created" event that will call the webhook when the new user starts interacting with Usetiful content.

  3. Pass data to Mailchimp

    • Add to the workflow in Zapier or Make the Mailchimp step. If the system asks you to connect your Mailchimp account, follow the instructions. Based on the selected event on the Usetiful side, select the event in the Mailchimp configuration. We chose the "Add/Update Subscriber" event.

    • In the Action settings, fill the all required fields, and select the received User Id as Subscriber Email.

    • At the last step of the settings flow, you can test your scenario with received data and if everything is successful the new contact will appear in your Mailchimp audience list.

  4. These steps will enable Usetiful to send new users information to Mailchimp seamlessly.