Usetiful allows to segment your users or personalize the content using tags. When things do not go as expected, it is necessary to test whether the tags are loaded correctly.

How to:

  • Enter your application in Google Chrome
  • Open the Developer tools (for example, in Windows using the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I)
  • Open the Console tab
  • Write window.usetifulTags in the command field and press Enter
  • The console should return the list of all loaded tags and their values - if you don't find tags or values you'd expect, check how the Usetiful script is integrated to your page.

Alternatively, you can use this method:

If you are sending userIDs to Usetiful reporting, you can also view the list of all loaded Usetiful tags and their values in the user profile section. To do this:

  • After logging in to your Usetiful account.
  • Navigate to the Users section.
  • Select a user to inspect the tags.

This is another way to verify if tags are loaded correctly.